Wedding Day Implementation

Wish you could make sure all those details you slaved over would be implemented flawlessly? I know that planning the smaller details and preparing everything for your wedding can be harder than choosing a venue or vendors…right? Did you know that 58% of brides are stressed on their wedding day… Why? Because they didn’t properly […]

Implement Your Wedding Plans Flawlessly

One of my favorite topics is pets. Why? Because it always brings a smile to my face as well as others around me. When we talk about your pets, we immediately feel better, they bring joy to our lives in so many ways. AND… …they are always there for us, am i right? So they […]

Pets & Your Wedding

I am a huge believer in “DOING U” on your wedding day! Weddings are about you and your fiance… They are not about… …what others want … other people’s ideas … pleasing family or friends And so I created this video to help you do you on your wedding day! xo, Carissa Hi there. Carissa […]

Do You On Your Wedding Day

We’re talking about Save the Dates today, check out this video on my take on them and how to SAVE MONEY …(you need to see this)… Hi there. Carissa Kruse here. I wanted to talk to you today about save the date. So I get that question a lot on, do I need to send […]

Save the Dates – Money Saving Options

We talked about DIYing vs Buying in my last email and I realized I had not shared my Pinterest board hack. Weddings are one of the most popular reasons that we use Pinterest. There are over 100 decisions we need to make when planning a wedding, so it is not surprising that Pinterest is our […]

Pinterest Board Hack

Has Pinterest sucked you into creating some amazing things for your wedding? I know it happens so easily, you start searching and screenshot many items that you think would be cool to create for your big day. Hold up… Before you start buying supplies, we need to do some research. Because a DIY project can […]


Here is a quick video about a mistake that I see brides make. AND I want to make sure this does not happen to you. Quick cliff notes, it has to do with your BUDGET! So check out my latest video on this Bride Mistake here. Carissa xo Hi there, Carissa Kruse here. Hey, I […]

Bride Mistake: Don’t Do This

You open the mail and are so excited… A guest returned their RSVP card. First off, you think…whew my guests received my invitations …Then you look at the response and you see the guest has RSVP’d for 8 people. This can’t be, you didn’t invite all their kids. you only accounted for 2 in the […]

Don’t Get An RSVP That States 8 People are Attending

So everyone told you that you need a wedding budget (you do)! And you created it (well done!) But it turned into being over-budget (bugger)… And now you think wedding budgets suck. Or that you just suck at wedding planning. Or that it’s all just too hard, and you are ready to throw your budget […]

Hidden Costs To Include In Your Budget

I don’t like to waste time, so I am going to get right to it! Many of you have been reaching out about guest lists. Specifically, what the HECK is a “B” List, and Do I need one? Well, I dive into A-List and B-Lists and how they apply to your guest list in my […]

Wedding “B” List

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