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how can you become a wedding planner
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Hi, wedding pros! 2024 has been a great ride for the wedding industry and the demand for wedding planners has been on a continuous rise. As a senior wedding strategist and trainer, I have received numerous requests from aspiring wedding planners wanting to know how can you become a wedding planner. In this article, I […]

How Can You Become a Wedding Planner? Tips, Tricks and More!

wedding education
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Hi wedding fellows! I will be talking to you about why wedding education is important and how it can benefit you as a wedding planner. But before I start, let’s make sure we’re on the same page and understand what wedding education actually means. Oh, also, I’ll be using EN-US as the language code, just […]

Embracing Wedding Education: What Wedding Planners Need to Know

marketing strategy for wedding pros
marketing strategy, book more weddings

This blog highlights the need for a comprehensive marketing strategy for wedding businesses, considering methods such as understanding the ideal client through interviews, utilizing styled shoots and wedding shows, and harnessing the power of guest posting and podcast appearances. With tailored strategies discussed, wedding professionals can explore and implement these marketing ideas based on their […]

Wedding Business Marketing Ideas: 5 Strategies for Success

How To Get More Wedding Leads
marketing strategy, book more weddings, Uncategorized

SUMMARY: To get more wedding leads, a combination of organic strategies, like mastering SEO and building social media presence, and paid advertising strategies promises higher conversion rates. Utilizing a lead magnet, tailored to your ideal couple, is integral as it acts as a funnel, nurturing relationships and getting prospects excited to book. Struggling to attract […]

How To Get More Wedding Leads

Ghosted Wedding Leads
business, book more weddings, marketing strategy

SUMMARY: Often, wedding professionals are ghosted by couples due to a lack of nurturing relationships, not setting themselves apart from competitors, and complicating the booking process. To avoid these situations, focus on creating meaningful connections, differentiate your services, ensure a seamless booking experience, and maintain effective communication. Ever wondered why you’re getting ghosted by wedding […]

The Reason You Are Getting Ghosted By Wedding Couples: A Comprehensive Guide

content strategy for wedding business
book more weddings, business, marketing strategy

SUMMARY: Harnessing social media, leveraging email marketing, utilizing short-form videos on platforms like IG Reels and TikTok, and creating engaging blogs and Pinterest pins are integral elements in the recommended 4-stage content strategy for a thriving wedding business. Addressing frequently asked questions and translating these strategies into action aims to drive traffic, enhance engagement, aid […]

Content Strategy: A Must for a Wedding Business Success Guide

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