The 4 Simple       Marketing Stages Every
Business Needs To Book More Weddings    

Fully booked marketing funnel GUIDE

(AKA how heart-centered wedding pros can stop scrambling to get couples and start using strategy to book weddings)

✔ If you offer the most amazing wedding services, but newly engaged couples don’t know you exist does it really matter? Ouch!

✔ Inconsistent pushy follow ups = lost bookings (translation: when you do finally reach out it comes across like you are desperate to book a wedding and gives them bad vibes. Womp!)

✔ If you don’t create a personalized marketing strategy that attracts their attention, builds trust and creates excitement to work with you, you’ll never stand out from your competitors. Let's change that! 

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✔ Grab hold of the reins and take back control. (No more scrambling -- you know that panicked feeling of wondering where your next lead is coming from or that desperate feeling of needing to book another wedding).

✔ Break through the noise and get ready to watch your bank balance grow by ditching those outdated marketing tactics that are suffocating your business. 

✔ Repel those wrong couples who will just suck your time, energy and ask for a deal and attract your ideal couples who actually value your work and want to book you at premium prices.

You're inches away from Using a Consistent and easy marketing strategy…

You want to be an option for couples. After all, you’ve spent your precious time building your amazing wedding business! But having open wedding dates on your calendar isn’t doing you any good. Let’s get you in front of more of your ideal couples - cause the more couples that know about you, the more bookings you will get. 

For ALL heart-centered wedding pros who want to boost their bookings and your bottom line…

“Building relationships is what marketing should be about. But if you are blending in with the rest in your market, there’s no real relationship.

That’s why I want to help you kick your marketing up a notch and start building powerful and stand out relationships with your audience that consumes less of your time while blowing past your business goals.

I hope you see your bookings double (or more!) but most importantly, I hope your authenticity shines through that starts a conversation and builds that know, like and trust between you and an audience who can’t wait to have you be part of their big day.”

What Carissa Kruse (the content and funnel strategist for wedding pros) says right before you watch your leads and bookings go all the way ⬆️💸

Developed by a Wedding Business Strategist and Funnel Expert ← that’s me!

The part where you can’t help but be impressed as I talk about myself in third person…

* Don't wait to download this, your future self will thank you *

Carissa makes it so easy to know what to do step-by-step to create a marketing strategy that has brides wanting to book my services. Using her Brides To Bookings, I was able to create a solid plan to get leads in the door and filter them through my funnel that warms them up and getting them to want to book me.”

- Nancy, Wedding Photographer

FAIR WARNING: I've been told I'm too legit.. too legit to quit!

(At least that's what I heard when these brilliant clients shared their results from working with me…)

* Don't wait to download this, your future self will thank you *

“I booked my first bride with my new marketing strategy and it was only 5 days after turning it on!