You open the mail and are so excited… A guest returned their RSVP card. First off, you think…whew my guests received my invitations …Then you look at the response and you see the guest has RSVP’d for 8 people. This can’t be, you didn’t invite all their kids. you only accounted for 2 in the […]

Don’t Get An RSVP That States 8 People are Attending

So everyone told you that you need a wedding budget (you do)! And you created it (well done!) But it turned into being over-budget (bugger)… And now you think wedding budgets suck. Or that you just suck at wedding planning. Or that it’s all just too hard, and you are ready to throw your budget […]

Hidden Costs To Include In Your Budget

I don’t like to waste time, so I am going to get right to it! Many of you have been reaching out about guest lists. Specifically, what the HECK is a “B” List, and Do I need one? Well, I dive into A-List and B-Lists and how they apply to your guest list in my […]

Wedding “B” List

Let’s cut the BS for a second. I know that whom you invite to your wedding is important, playing a role in many aspects of your big day and you don’t want strangers at your wedding. Hell, we don’t want to hang with strangers on the most important day of our lives, right? I hear […]

Do Your Parents Get A Say On Your Guest List

Are you trying to decide on your ceremony time? Or you might have picked a ceremony time, but now your second-guessing? Or maybe it is on your to-do list yet? Either way, before you waste another second (or order the invitations) planning, you need to know this. Because it’s highly likely that your ceremony time […]

How To Determine Your Ceremony Start Time

Wedding Website

We’re talking about a TIME-SAVING HACK today! I did a short video about my take on why a wedding website can help you with your wedding planning. Creating a wedding website might sound time-consuming, but it will actually save you time (trust me). Hi, there. Carissa Kruse here. I want to talk today about a […]

Wedding Website Hacks

Wedding First Look

I love first looks… They are one of my favorite parts of the wedding day!  A traditional first look is when your fiance sees you for the first time as you walk down the aisle.  …Many have thrown tradition to the side. Will you?  Want to know why “First Looks” before the ceremony has become […]

Why You Should Do a First Look at Your Wedding

how to plan a wedding

If your life is anything like mine right now then you are living day by day. We have our routines. We usually plan out our days, weeks, months and even years sometimes. …And planning your wedding, we all know takes a lot of time and is done months in advance. Just know all of your […]

Wedding Brain Dump + Download

vow writing

Everyone wants the perfect vows spoken at their wedding. You mix hysterical moments, tear-jerking pronouncements of love and gratitude for everyone in the room all into a three-minute speech—leaving your partner and the rest of the guests misty and breathless from the power of your words. After all, you really do feel that strongly about […]

I Do, Do You? A Guide to Writing Your Wedding Vows

engagement photos

There’s nothing quite so special as finding your true love. All the places and experiences you two have done together is part of what got you to the place where you want to be together forever. And while the actual engagement moment can be spontaneous and personal, many couples choose to remember this exciting and […]

Ways to Make Your Engagement Photos Uniquely Yours

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