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Stop Scrambling To Get Couples and Start Using Strategy To Book Weddings

(without spending every spare second marketing your wedding business)

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"Working with Carissa has been amazing. She's completely transformed my business. We have been
growing exponentially and I owe it all to Carissa"

"I came across Carissa when I least expected it. I was deciding which direction I wanted to take my business. I was kind of struggling to find my ideal client. Working with couples who I was not a great fit for and kind of struggling through the wedding planning process. I came across her content club and was a little skeptical. I'm not great with social media. I don't have a social media strategy and I wasn't sure what to be posting. I just went ahead and and figured I would see how it went. And after speaking with her a little bit more, I decided to take the leap into Couples To Closing (previously called Brides To Bookings) and I've never looked back. Working with her has been amazing. She's completely transformed my business. We have been growing exponentially, and I owe it all to Carissa."

Avery Ann

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Your tech stack can be small, but mighty and cost you only $1.66 a day.
Oh, and no tech experience required!


Implement the right funnel based on your stage in business so you can excite and attract the right couples, convert them to bookings and surprise + delight your couples to get referred over and over again.



Learn how marketing funnels can transform your business, your life and create a booked out calendar with your ideal weddings with less work.


in this training

You'll Discover...

Continuously surprising and delighting from the moment they share their precious contact information with me and this continues even after they book.

All the saved time meant, I took one week off per month which totaled to 3 months for the year.

On the webinar, I'll screen share and you'll see how my Fuel your Funnel Trio creates a solid marketing strategy that does the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to hustle and worry about when your next wedding is going to be booked.

207 Weddings, 3 Months Off, 2X’D REVENUE

How The Heck

Did I Make That Happen?

Following up is key and using my value-added and story-based philosophy nurtures and builds a know, like and trust relationship, so my leads are excited to hear from me (and they never get that pushy, slimy or sleazy vibe).

Building a connection from the moment they set eyes on my business. First impressions matter and it is more important than ever in the wedding industry.

THIS IS THE FOCUS:  Whether you’re already banking 5 figure months or you’re not quite there yet… the problem is the same. How are you going to stand out from your competition, so you become your ideal couples number one choice?

You’re struggling to attract your ideal weddings and stand out from your over-saturated market. And if you do get that inquiry, you are leaving them hanging because you don’t follow up immediately, don’t follow up enough or forget to follow up at all.

You’re amazing at the service you provide and the weddings you have booked have loved working with you, but you’re literally running out of hours in the day and you never know when your next wedding is going to be booked.

You’re tired of hearing “I went another direction” or “you’re out of my budget” or maybe you hear crickets (ugh…ghosted again).

You’re looking to take back control of your time and automate pieces of your business so that you can focus on delivering the best experience possible while booking new weddings on auto-pilot.


FAIR WARNING: I've been told I'm too legit.. too legit to quit!

(At least that's what I heard when these brilliant clients shared their results from working with me…)

Carissa makes it so easy to know what to do step-by-step to create a marketing strategy that has brides wanting to book my services. Using her Brides To Bookings, I was able to create a solid plan to get leads in the door and filter them through my funnel that warms them up and getting them to want to book me.”

- Nancy, Wedding Photographer

“I booked my first bride with my new marketing strategy and it was only 5 days after turning it on!

It’s rare I offer this kind of training for people who are looking to stand out from their competition, so they become their ideal couples number one choice — or they are booking weddings, but have gaps in their marketing, so they are leaving money on the table.

People like you who are ready to finally shake off the hustle mindset. You know the idea you can only get paid if you are working 24/7.

But then you get stuck in the serve all the couples cycle and stop taking the time to attract new weddings. Your income potential feels unlimited…until you realize that you’re not sure when or how you will book your next wedding. And you’ve maxed that out trying to get to where you are today!

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. But if you’re committed to learning how to stop scrambling and start using strategy to book weddings, this is the place for you.

Carissa Kruse


This training is not a one-size-fits-all framework because no two wedding business models look the same. Instead, we’ll dig into your specific stage in business and uncover your unique next step.