Rekindle A Ghosted Lead: The 3 Sales Closing Email Sequence Templates

(AKA how to revive leads you thought were goners)

✔ You work hard to market your business (maybe even spend money on advertising) to get your ideal couples in the door, so when they ghost you or fade away, it’s wasted time and money. Ouch!

✔ If leads come in the door, but you can’t get them to respond to your emails or call or text you back, the opportunity to book them slips away. Let's change that! 

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Convert an additional
6+ weddings a year with 3 Simple Emails

Corinne scholtz // WEDDING PLANNER

"The Wedding-Preneurs Content Club and Carissa has been instrumental in my business. I need to thank you thousand times because I couldn't do it without you!"

Avery Ann

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✔ Your ideal couples are sitting in your inbox looking for the services you offer, just waiting for you to show them that you are the “right fit vendor”, so they can book you for their big day!

✔ Break through the noise that is interfering with your ideal couple (aka wedding planning overwhelm) and help guide them to making the next step with YOU!

✔ Repel the leads that are not your ideal couples, so you don't waste your precious time on them. 

You're inches away from rekindling a “gone-cold” lead and booking weddings you thought Were goners…

All you need to do is copy/paste/send to rekindle that connection. 

Re-engaging your leads is super easy with the exact 3 email scripts that my clients pay thousands of dollars to get.

Say goodbye, au revoir and sayonara to lost leads

“Building relationships is what marketing should be about. But if you are blending in with the rest in your market, there’s no real relationship.

That’s why I want to help you kick your marketing up a notch and start building powerful and stand out relationships with your audience that consumes less of your time while blowing past your business goals.

I hope you see your bookings double (or more!) but most importantly, I hope your authenticity shines through that starts a conversation and builds that know, like and trust between you and an audience who can’t wait to have you be part of their big day.”

What Carissa Kruse (the content and funnel strategist for wedding pros) says right before you watch your leads and bookings go all the way ⬆️💸

Developed by a Wedding Business Strategist and Funnel Expert ← that’s me!

The part where you can’t help but be impressed as I talk about myself in third person…

* Don't wait to download this, your future self will thank you *

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The content is really quite amazing and I love how each post triggers new ideas. Just WOW Girl!!!

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Booked a cold lead from IG and they paid in full.

Josh Haltam | Wedding Photographer

* Don't wait to download this, your future self will thank you *