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Corinne scholtz

"The Wedding-Preneurs Content Club and Carissa has been instrumental in my business. I need to thank you thousand times because I couldn't do it without you!"

Avery Ann

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In 2010 I was overworked, stressed out, and selling my soul in a 9-5 marketing and sales corporate life, it was time to make some big changes.

So in 2012, with little more than a laptop and a love for photography, I launched my soul-aligned wedding company driven by my life mottos, "Do what you love" & "Be You".

It wasn’t always a smooth ride still, by 2014 I had built a successful wedding business, but I was hustling and working crazy hours and not seeing much of my family. Can you relate?

So I went all in on content marketing, started working less hours and was booking more weddings and making more moolah!

Your go-to wedding industry maven, coach + wedding business owner for 10+ years. I live and breathe the wedding world just like you do. Every single day. 

Hi, I'm Carissa Kruse

And after years of coaching wedding pros, I found one of the biggest struggles you face is having a content marketing strategy with professional high quality, engaging content that ATTRACTS your ideal client.

I said say sayonara to this problem and created the Wedding-Preneurs Content Club....

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